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There is a new trend sweeping thorough my feed on Twitter and until today I was pretty happy about it.

The #RugbyUnited feed is one that is really interesting.  Full of genuine rugby fans sharing banter, their passion for their teams and their passion for the game as a whole.  The idea is that you tweet about your team, add the #rugbyunited hastag and watch your followers grow.  In return you follow these new followers back.

Now….here is where I do not QUITE agree.  To me, Twitter is not about ‘how many followers do I have?’   It is a site where I vent, have a bit of a giggle with people I may or may not know and I also catch up on news…for example the Danny Care issue today, or the Stephen Lawrence verdict (I was sick in bed & didn’t want to move to turn on TV). 

If I followed all of my new followers, I would most certainly miss something I want to read whilst my twitter feed is full of #glawsfam or some other random hashtag I don’t really care about (I am all about #warriornation).  Yes, it is about social interaction, but should that not be with people you find interesting and not just those who follow you?!  Before anyone comments, I am the first to admit that my tweets can be exceptionally BORING, but as I said, I sometimes use twitter to simply vent! 

I am not saying I do not like the #rugbyunited concept.  In fact I love it, the banter is hilarious, the people I have met through it have (mostly) been great, funny, full of good rugby knowledge (and occasionally hot – you know who you are!)   I am learning a lot more about the game I love and meeting people who share my passion for it, even those who support different teams.  That is what it is all about after all, inclusivity.

Today, I felt a little less love for the idea.  I apparently upset a grown man (or 2) because I didn’t follow them back!!! You don’t know me, I don’t know you, I obviously did not find your tweets interesting enough for me to want to fill my feed with them.  As a fellow tweeter, naming no names, said “you have to earn a follow”

So, I have come the conclusion that although I love the people I have met through #rugbyunited I don’t think it is as inclusive as its fantastic creator @trevorlarge intended. 

Remove the need to ‘follow back’ (which in itself is a 12 year old girls concept – see #teamfollowback) and have the community become one where you CHOOSE who you follow based on matches in interest (isn’t that the idea of twitter anyway) and you will have an even bigger hit than you already do!

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