A bit of background to the next couple of posts…


I have been meaning to write a post for the past week, and after the past few days of emotion I think it’s time to get writing!

10 days ago I got an email that set the tone for the days that followed.  No prizes for guessing who the email was from.  It said (in a very lovely & heart wrenching way) that he is in Sudan, the aid effort has been increased tenfold & he is going to extend his trip to help.  He hasn’t told me when he is coming home and I can only guess that it will not be for a while.

After crying for a bit I finally pulled myself together enough to realise that what he was doing is something that I would love to be doing myself.  So, I headed to google to see what I could do.   Now, all this google action must have affected my cookies & therefore my ‘targeted ads’ on facebook.  Facebook became the trigger for a whole new drama!!

I managed to come across www.travellersworldwide.com which has some incredible volunteer programmes in some insane places! After hours and hours of research, focused mainly on the African projects I had finally made up my mind that my remaining annual leave would not be spent on a beach in Mexico or hanging out with friends in Savannah, but in an Orphanage in Kenya.

I had to spend some serious time thinking about this, and have some lengthy conversations with mummy; I also had to ask work if I could take the time off.  This is where the emotional trials started.  I have 9 days holiday and 1 lieu day to take, including weekends that equates to 14 days….the trip needs 16… There was only 1 thing for it… ask for a day of unpaid leave… Queue huge stress!

I need to back track a little here to give you the full picture.  Prior to Christmas my team of 4 & a manager dropped to 3 & a manager, a week ago, another member of the team handed in her notice which leaves, as of Monday, me, Anna, and our manager in an office that needs at least 5 staff to function properly!   For this reason they really don’t want to give me my hard earned 9 days in 1 go, never mind an additional unpaid day!! I had a plan, I was going to speak to the GM, ask for the days I needed with some really good reasons, well, it’s not like I am going to go lye on a beach right!? And if she said no….go higher…and use the fact that all of my colleagues are about to take 2 weeks off to head on holiday to my advantage.  

Today I spoke to the GM… she hasn’t yet given me a definitive answer but her response was a huge step in the right direction…. ‘I don’t see a problem with that Gemma, put it in writing’.

So I am 1 step closer to spending my holiday in Mombasa, Kenya!

Keep your eyes peeled for updates, fundraising posts and general excitedness!

Lots of love to you all,



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