Update…and a bit of begging


I am officially registered to go to Kenya, deposit paid and the first lot of info sent off.   It is all getting a little exciting and very close.  I leave on February 24th at around 7pm (flights are TBC) headed for Mombasa.  That gives me a grand total of 30 days!!!

As yet I have very little detail on where exactly I will be going, all I know is it is Mombasa or Diani Beach which is just outside the main city.  I may actually change my mind on this and end up in Nairobi as I feel they need help more….I am torn right now!!  As soon as I have made up my mind and know a lot more, then I will update you all.

To be able make all this happen & allow me to donate my well-earned holiday, I need to raise some money and I am looking for help!  Don’t get me wrong, I don’t expect or even want all of you to reach into your pockets just out of the goodness of your heart….what fun would that be?!?!

NO…I want you guys to have some fun along the way!  I will be running a pub quiz over the next couple of weeks which is all very exciting and for those of you involved in #rugbyunited & #rugbyquiz something you should be great at!I am looking at a venue and a plan this weekend and it could be a good money-making effort! I know some of you are not London-based but those who are I will be posting info here, on twitter and on facebook so would love you all to come along, have a giggle and some drinks & help me raise some money!!  There will be a prize I promise!!   I am pretty certain I may make a night of it as well so have a band and some cakes on sale (I have been told by a pastry chef in a 5* hotel that my brownies are amazing) and maybe even a raffle…yep I am pulling out all the stops!

For those of you who are not based in London but still want to help out….I will be probably holding an auction or a raffle.  Looking at a possible meet & greet with the Quins team, some signed rugby gear, maybe a hotel stay and possibly some other swanky prizes/items!  With that in mind, if anyone has any contacts (or in fact can help themselves) who would be willing to donate something to this amazing fund that would be great and please get in touch.

And if NONE of that strikes your fancy, I want to be able to take out some toys, colouring books, pencils and things like that to this amazing place.  SO….I am also looking for donations to be able to support this, whether you want to send some toys and things directly or donate to the cause I will not turn it down! There will be a paypal or just giving site set up very very soon so if you do think what I am doing is worth a £ or 2 then keep your eyes peeled!!!

All in all I am looking to raise around £500, any more is just a huge bonus and will be directly benefiting the organisation I go and volunteer with.

Love to you all



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