Long overdue!!!


I genuinly don’t know where to start with this post! It is beyond overdue and I have written draft after draft only to delete and start again!

I have so so so many updates for you all so this MAY be a super duper long post! SORRY!!

The major one is obviously Kenya related….I am all booked onto a flight, have paid all my money to the guys from @TravellersWW who are making it all happen and have started to have my vaccinations!!! Only 2 things left to do….get insurance and RAISE SOME MONEY!!! Oh and send off my CRB forms but that’s a whole different story!

I want to take a few seconds to thank a few amazing people who have already gone above & beyond for me!  Obviously my mummy (yes, I occasionally still call her mummy) who has purchased my flights & insurance as a 25th birthday present, My wonderful friends Sarah Stainthorpe, Emma Warnes & Leanne Iles who have already popped money into the fund.  Sophie Child who has given me idea after idea & been there to keep me going through 3 weeks of fasting! And finally, the guys on twitter who are sharing this blog – @trevorlarge (#Rugbyunited’s founder & all round good guy) @danieljlist (tech savy helper-outer) @swagsy14 (writer of a seriously heartfelt blog) and last but by no means least @chefmarkpeters who has not only spread the love but has donated an exceptional prize for the soon to come auction/raffle.  You guys are amazing and genuinely want to let you know how much your support means to me!

Ok, moving on from the words of thanks…I think I need to share with you some of the reasons that this post has been SO delayed….I meant to do this AGES ago!

Last weekend, I escaped the hustle & bustle of London Living and headed to the Surrey countryside for a church retreat.  Yes, that’s right I am a practising unashamed Christian.  In fact, not just a Christian, a kids church leader.  I am really active in my faith and fully believe in the power of God to make a difference in a situation.  (This is the bit some of you may want to skim read)  Earlier in 2011, at a church conference, I felt God put Africa as a nation into my spirit, it is somewhere I would either end up or end up having a strong connection to.  This just confirmed my own idea that I should be aiming to get involved in charity work and since then I have been applying (unsuccessfully) for events jobs in charities.  I now really feel that this trip is a God thing.  Firstly, without the movement of a ‘higher power’ I would never have the time off work to go out there. Secondly, dates etc have just fallen so perfectly and 3rd and what I feel is the most important, I have taken a HUGE faith step for this trip.  I did not have the funds in my account yesterday when I hit that pay now button!!!  Over last weekend, through some serious prayer & after a couple of very similar prophetic words, I know that God will provide! I have faith in His power and nothing can shake that.

Ok, I think we need some info on EXACTLY what I will be doing out in Kenya.  I got all the forms through from Travellers last week which has all the info on where I will be & what I will be doing which is crazy exciting!!!

I will be based in Diani as you all know, working in the Born Again Orphanage & Peace Village.  Now I have searched & searched online and come up with very little in the way of info but the support pack I have been sent offers this:

In the orphanages we work in, the children are from as young as 2 through to 18 year olds.  

The work we do in Kenya enables you to care for and teach the children. The orphanages we work with are very poor, which is why they are so grateful for help from our volunteers!
The main objective of these projects is to improve the lives of these children in any way possible.

By the sounds of things these kids just need a bit of love & someone who has time to play games etc with them as the staff are all so busy with the day to day running of the place!!  I am so excited about getting out there & being able to give something back to the world.  I am so so blessed with a roof over my head, parents & family who love me, an amazing bunch of friends and a job that pays the bills.  These kids have nothing and it is through no fault of their own.

Back to the fundraising bit

On 01/02/12 I set up an IndieGoGo page to help me raise some money.  Within 7 hours, I had raised $100, right now the total stands at $220, that is 31% of my $700 target which is crazy!!! Obviously I am not there yet but this is just proof (to me anyway) of the power of God to move in my life!!!  If any of you fancy visiting my wonderful campaign please do – http://www.indiegogo.com/Kenyan-Care-Adventure?a=407801

Pub quiz update is to come soon, I am looking at a venue this weekend and am hoping to hold it on teh week of 13th or 20th February in a central London kind of area!

I need your thoughts on the raffle/auction issue – I have one amazing prize donated by Mr Mark Peters who has offered to cook for the winner at their own home, the only thing you would have to do is supply ingredients!  If no-one wants it, I may just get him to cook for me!!! Check out his website for pics….mmmmmmmm.  I am also looking into a possible meet & greet with the quins team after a home game, I have to sweet talk someone but hoping for it to come good.  There is also the possibility of a night at a 5* hotel being donated as well.  Would you guys bid on these things or would raffle tickets be a better option?! – thoughts in the comments section!!!

Ok, that is DEFINITELY enough info for today! I have so much more to tell you all but I don’t want to bore you (and its gone 1am)

Love to you all and if you love this….share it!!!!


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