hey all,

So there has been a MAJOR increase in site traffic over the last few days which is great.

General feedback seems to be ‘how do I donate?!’  Well, it is really simple…you follow the link below or under the ‘donate now’ tab on the side bar (just under my picture) and you will be taken to the indiegogo website for my project.  It looks like this:

You then click the ‘Contribute now’ button & follow the easy steps! You can pay by card (money comes to me at the end of the campaign) or by paypal (money comes to me instantly) either way you will have made a massive contribution and made my day!!  Just a point of note, all donations are in $ which is frustrating I know but I can’t do anything about it I am afraid!

Also…..I am running the raffle as discussed via twitter a few days back so everyone who donates will get tickets into that.  ‘Cost’ of ticket to be decided soon depending on the prize donations that come in.  It is looking likely that there will be a few #rugbyunited inspired items in there though as well as a home cooked meal, a basket of cupcakes/brownies & possibly even a stay in a 5* hotel!  Even if you donate now before the raffle goes ‘live’ you will still get entry!  How cool is that!?

Love to you all!

Link to IndieGoGo site –


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