“The better part of ones life consists of his [her] friendships”


Image(This post has been delayed a few more days than planned.  Not out of laziness, or even unwillingness, simply by the fact that life has come and gone far too quickly over the past few weeks.  I was meant to write it on Wednesday, I actually wrote it on Saturday and now I am publishing it on Tuesday!!)

With less than a week to go I am writing this, not from the comfort of my on a break from organising my packing and finalising details.  No, I am writing this on a train, heading to do what I have been neglecting recently, spend some time with friends.  Bad timing?  Possibly, but this is one weekend that I wouldn’t miss for the world.   Yes I still have a lot to prepare and no, I don’t feel at all ready to leave, but as much as this weekend could be used to do all the last minute things that I really need to do, but I am definitely guilty of neglecting my friends recently, and although I presume you all understand the reasons, I am sorry.

It is not that I haven’t wanted to spend time with you all, I have just started to run out of time.  You may have noticed that the grand ideas of a pub quiz and cake sales seem to have vanished.  This isn’t through lack of trying, it is through lack of REAL time to plan and make it work.   Getting injections, buying travel insurance, sorting out my bank stuff, buying summer clothes in February, working 45 hours a week and trying to plan our Kids Church programme has kind of taken over my life.   I only decided I was going on this trip 4 weeks ago and although I am excited I am also a little sad that it is next week.  I almost want another 2-3 weeks to plan and prepare.  I am all about lists and planning!!  But for this weekend (well from 13:13 when my train gets in to Poole until 16:30 when I get back to Waterloo) Kenya and James are not being pushed to the back of my mind, but definitely more to the side so I can concentrate on celebrating with one of the people who fill my life with joy.

Next up – KENYA UPDATE!!!


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