19 hours to go….


Tonight I make up for the past few weeks of laziness!   I will be writing not one but two entries today.  Miracle I know!

So I am OFFICIALLY on holiday as of 5pm this evening, I have NEVER been so excited/scared/tired all at the same time! I am pretty certain that I should be doing something other than writing this whilst watching CSI and being on hold to Kenyan Airways! Such as packing, but I think telling all of you what I am up to is more fun!

So I am all ready to go apart from the massive pile of things that I need to pack.  I have my injections, I am taking anti malaria drugs, I have contacted another volunteer who I will be staying with (she’s called Carla, is lovely and super crazy helpful), I have written list after list, sent off form after form, been in constant contact with Kelly from Travellers Worldwide and collected quite a bit of money! (on that note – raffle prizes are in hand – launched TONIGHT)

I have also been sent a little more info on the kind of thing I will actually be doing and the orphanage itself. So here goes….

The place I will be based is the Peace Village & Orphanage in Ukunda, Kenya.  It is a privately run centre so receives no government funding and is wholly funded by well-wishers.  There are around 300 (yes THREE HUNDRED that’s more than my old high school) children there aged between 3 and 16 with about 40 children per class.  Apparently the children take their own pens to class and books.  Tomorrow I am heading to the pound shop(s) in Lewisham to pick up a bunch of stationary, some balloons and some bubbles which, for anyone who has ever worked with small children will know go down a treat!!

I also found out that I will be staying in Ukunda as well, with a lovely little family consisting of Daniel, who works for Travellers, his partner who works at the hospital, his mother and other extended family members!!  So it is going to be a busy house with myself and Carla (and 2 others joining in a week)

I am getting really excited now, after finishing work today it finally hit me that I am going away.  I relaxed and actually thought about the amazing things I will get to see and do.   My amazing friend Sophie Child (who, by the way has donated a prize to the raffle) bought me the Lonely Planet guide to Kenya which has allowed me to actually take in so much more detail about everything as well as look at possible trips for the 1 full weekend I have out there! (I am 100% looking at a trip to Tsevo National Park and possibly even the elephant sanctuary)

But, for now, I have to go and tick off lists and make sure I have everything packed – right now I have an empty bag!!!

Will post again later.



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