As the adventure began…


As my internet access was limited to say the least in Kenya, I wrote everything in a diary ready to update you all when I got home! This will be over a few posts as there is A LOT of writing So here goes…


As you know I packed my bag pretty late and felt super disorganised all morning on Friday.  Well, I made it to the airport with a bit of time to spare.  What I didn’t account for was ‘Kenya Time’.  I planned on grabbing something to eat, a magazine and having a few phone calls to people in my couple of hours…

I arrived at the airport at 4:45pm, flight was at 7pm…thats LOADS of time I hear you say.  Well, that’s what I thought.  NO…I got called to board my flight at 5:30 giving me barely enough time to grab some food a bottle of water and a copy of Rugby World and quickly talk to Naomi before being ushered onto my flight whilst still on the phone to mumma!

The flight itself was quite pleasant despite the grumpy staff.  They did not give me a great 1st impression of Kenyan’s (luckily Kenyan’s are actually really lovely)  I was lucky enough to have an entire row to myself which meant I got to lie down and sleep! woo hoo!

Things changed a little when I got to Nairobi.  Firstly, the President of Kenya happened to be on my flight from Heathrow which meant that we were delayed disembarking.  I had a grand total of 40 minutes to get through the visa queue and customs in time to make my next flight.  Secondly the queue for a visa was extreme! about 4 flights landed at a similar time which meant that everyone needed a visa at the same time! Last but by no means least, I had vaguely heard on the plane about having to collect and recheck luggage for connecting domestic flights but, I was half asleep and listening to music so didn’t pay attention (more fool me) I rush through customs and into baggage reclaim (which was confusing and not well sign posted) where I asked a lady in a uniform where my bag would be, apparently my luggage was checked to Mombasa and I didn’t need to worry.  So off I head to my domestic flight thinking no more of it!

I arrive in Mombasa, my bag does not!!!!  It is still on the luggage belt in Nairobi.  Turns out the lady in uniform did not know what she was talking about – tip for anyone connecting to a domestic flight in Kenya – collect your luggage, clear customs and recheck it even if told otherwise!

Ignoring the bag incident (I got it back within a few hours at a small cost) I have had a wonderful 1st day in this beautiful country.  Oh and for those of you who know about tube guy – I went one better – I picked up a guys number (and email address) on the flight.  I won’t contact him but its still funny!

I have spent the day with the wonderful Carla, a Kenya whizz having spent more time here than her Aussie home over the past 2 years! As well as a few members of the family I was staying with and we hit the beach.  I am however wiped out after the flights etc so have gone to bed instead of going out with Carla 😦

My sight seeing so far includes Mount Kilimanjaro from the plane,


Slightly wonky but still....

the President of Kenya’s entourage, wild baboons (anyone who knows me well enough will know this was a highlight), camels on the beach and a really strange mix of wealth and poverty.

More updates to come shortly but right now I am TIRED and need to sleep ready for my trip to Wasini tomorrow!



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