Danish, Swedish and Fish…


Day 2 and time to experience some more of Kenya’s crazy driving.

This is the one thing I wasn’t warned about, Mosquitos, spiders, snakes, malaria and even the dodgy squat toilets, these things I was warned about.  Taking your life in your hands each time you get in a car…not so much!  The roads are more potholed than ones deemed inadmissible in the UK.  There doesnt appear to be a ‘correct side; to the road, only the one where the least holes (and goats/cows) are. I also don’t think there is a speed limit in Kenya, and if there is no-one appears to stick to it!  All this put together tends to lead to an interesting journey

My host Daniel from Travellers arranged for me to spend my 1st proper day in Kenya on a boat!  So, today I was picked up by a random man at 7am, and going against everything my mummy ever taught me I got in his car!  I was then driven to pick up a Dutch family 9 who were all very lovely but spoke in Dutch) and then on to Shimoni, a little village built around the slave caves (I didn’t actually read anything about these and now I feel bad – but here is the info you may or may not want!!)  When we reached Shimoni we joined the package holidaying Swedish group and boarder a little boat headed for the island of Wasini.

The boat trip was pretty cool, nothing too interesting to report (well apart from being told by my phone that I was in Tanzania) oh and seeing this little fishing boat battling the waves:

but when we stopped to go snorkeling, that’s when things got real interesting!

Having never snorkelled before (not though lack of want), I didn’t really know what to expect and with my distinct run of poor luck anything could have happened!  So continuing with the ‘what happens to Gemma today?’ theme that I may make a running point thoughout this blog…I managed to cut myself on coral as soon as I jumped in, nothing serious but still kinda dumb!  The fish were totally worth the pain of a coral cut though!  I couldn’t tell you what any of them were and have no pictures as my camera is definitely not waterproof but the colours were amazing and the sheer volume of fish was insane!  I was lucky enough to be near the guide (who took a bit of a shine to me I think) and he took me to find loads of tiny fish hiding in the coral which was great.

Eventually, we ended up on a sand platform which was just beautiful.  The picture I have of it really does it no justice and I am pretty sad about this!

My camera was on the boat so no pics of the view or how perfectly white the sand was but definitely worth a look if you are ever on the south east coast of Kenya!  The company I went with (I can’t for the life of me remember their names) were great on the boat and on the snorklling session but as soon as we got onto the island we were shepherded around the ‘gift shops’ and other ‘attractions’ including the coral garden whch at certain times of the year is under water and at others is simply dry like I saw and is run by the Wasini Womens Group:

It was a shame that it felt so ‘organised’ as Wasini is genuinely beautiful and it just seemed that we were constantly being asked for money by the island inhabitants, which I know is normal but it all felt a little forced and wrong!

Lunch on the island was delicious (which shocked me as I am not the biggest seafood fan).  Crab to start, fresh out of the sea, smash the shell yourself and squeeze a bit of lime on!  Followed by Red Snapper, again straight out of the sea, eyes and all (which made me feel a little sick) served with potatoes, rice, sea grass curry sauce and a coconut sauce.  Just beautiful.  I think I may have been converted to sea food!

Back to the boat and I was lucky enough to get to see one of my favourite animals (well, sea animals, the list is extensive of land animals)  I was like a small child when I saw their fins raise out of the water.  But again it all felt a little cruel.  6 boats were all trying to get the best shot and it felt like we were hearding them.  Luckily our boat was pretty kind and didnt really join in too much.  I was able to capture these though:

There is a video which I will post a link to as soon as I have managed to upload it.

After such a great yet long day, I am ready for my bed.  It is placement day tomorrow so must get a good rest!



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