I have had a few questions about how people can help the kids at Shikamana.

Currently, I am talking with a lady who has been organising sponsorship of the children. This has been suspended for a while due to reasons beyond anyone’s control. Until we can establish a charity with someone on the ground in Kenya it looks like it will remain that way.

I do have Carla on the ground who I can talk with and look at her buying uniform for the kids…if this is something you would like to help with, please message me!

So, for now if you do want to help these amazing children in any way, I will be collecting clothes, shoes, and toys to send over a shipment to them. Things like balloons, footballs, rugby balls (the kids haven’t yet learnt rugby but I plan on changing this!!) kites, bubbles, skipping ropes, all the things kids love to play with. Also stuff for school, so pencils, pens, exercise books, rubbers, rulers that kind of thing go down a treat!

I am hoping to send a shipment over in May/June (it will be sent via a friend of mine in Kenya as the postal service is not the best and it means I can pay the import tax) and then take a full suitcase when I head back in October.

So if you would like to help, apart from keeping an eye out for upcoming fundraising events (yes, I am considering spending a day in a bath of beans) please drop me a message and I will let you know where you can send things 🙂

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  1. Hello Gem, really enjoyed reading your Kenian Adventure. Would you believe we are the German couple who is building the maternity wing in Msulwa (actually I’m English and my husband is German). If you want to know more of what we are doing in Msulwa, have a look at our homepage (I am sure Google will translate it) http://www.ushirika.de . So glad you had such a rewarding time there. We love it and have been going to Ukunda/Diani since 2006.

  2. It is me again. How are you going about the shipment. Are you sending a container? We have wanted to do that but from Germany to Mombasa the whole thing would cost about 7000€. Then we still have the Kenian side to pay for. We would love to find a cheaper way of getting goods over there. At the moment we are putting up the second building of the Polytechnic in Msulwa and we need to send loads of tools. Love Kathy.

    • Hey Kathy, wow I can’t believe you have found my blog!!! How amazing! I am not sure how I am getting it over there at the moment, I have a friend who lives out there, she was at the Msulwa hospital but is now living in Ukunda so I am thinking of shipping it to her…if not I am taking it over when I go in October.
      Thanks for dropping by…. Gemma

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