Welcome to my very sporadically written blog. I can not guarantee well written prose in the style of Dickens, Chaucer or Shakespeare but I can assure you there will be posts!

I don’t claim to be interesting at all times but I do have views and I sometimes have adventures!

Posts in this blog will be a mixed bag. Some will be regarding my adventures in Kenya, some will be my loves and disasters and some will be dedicated to the sport I love….rugby! Some may even mix all 3!!

Oh and if you are liking, loving or even hating what I am writing, pop me a comment, let me know your thoughts, I am loving reading other peoples blogs so guide me to yours as well!!


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  1. hey, i noticed you “liked” a few of my posts, and as a little fan appreciation, i’m linking some blogs (including yours) on my blogroll. don’t feel the need to return the favor, but if you want to, much appreciated. like your blog, keep it up, and keep living life in that lovely country that is my neighbor to the south.

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  3. Hello!! I went also to Kenya to shikamana School this year and i teached some of the kids you know πŸ™‚ Langoni, zulfa, Siti, Stanley, Abel, …
    Nice to see them when they were little πŸ˜‰

    • Ah Thanks for the comment Sally! I am actually going back out there in 3 weeks and cannot wait to see the children! Hope you enjoyed Shikamana. I fell in love and cannot wait to go back!

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