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Huge apologies for the gigantic delay in this blog post.  Too much has been going on and not enough brain capacity to stop and write.  I am going to write a number of posts over the next few days/weeks that will hopefully catch you up on my life….

The first will be dedicated to my changing feelings on #rugbyunited, followed by a Kenya update (its a big un) and then an update on gemma life….There is also a possibility I will be starting a new blog which will be life in London related…… Keep your eyes peeled!

coming soon……


Life is seriously passing me by.  I have felt like my brain would explode.  With the amount of things going on both personally and at work today was a bit of a nightmare. It is almost midnight, I have been in the office for 13 hours (out of those 13, 4 were spent hanging out with rugby players so it’s not all bad) and I have to be back in the office at 7am.

So for now I am saying goodnight with a promise of a final update (which is looking like a LONG post) tomorrow.


With all these delays you would think I worked for TFL!


This was going to be a full on update of what is going on in the last few days before my trip as I feel like I have not only been neglecting my friends but my blog as well.

But something has happened which means I can’t actually focus on writing so I will keep this brief.

Countdown is on – 2 full days to go.  CRB check is processing, Travel insurance is sorted (after much stressing and with thanks to the lovely Dan from @staysure), most of my clothes are bought, I have sourced a bag from a friend and the fundraising has gone really well!

And tomorrow will see the launch of the raffle, oh yea…it is FINALLY happening!!! Got an AMAZING prize today to add to the one by Mark Peters and the rugby stuff up for grabs!

So I am sorry I am not updating you properly but my mind is 100% somewhere else tonight and that does not lead to good writing!

Lots of love & thanks for your patience


“Circumstances may cause interruptions and delays”